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Welcome to my site. My name is Rakesh Raman and I am an IT geek . I love to work on open source projects & especially web based systems. I am a moderator of the MOSS and WSS Experts, the largest MOSS group in India.



TopRaman.com is currently under improvement process and soon it will have lot more to offer you including industry requirements, blogs, more eBooks, discussion board, up-to-date high-tech information and white-papers from industry leaders on the topics you need to know about most.


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Welcome to my site!


My goal with this website will be to remove some of the mystery surrounding IT technology and to describe ways to integrate new technology in various projects and business areas. Some days I will write an executive overview of a technology, i.e. Internet based Web Warehouse Design or Solution Center. Other days it will be an in depth treatment of a technical topic such as clustering or replication. I will also write about incorporating Java development and administration into your business practices.


I want to give you a place to go for straightforward information. I want to be more in depth than a concepts manual but not require you to wade through pages of uninteresting and uninformative technical jargon and minutia. I hope to become your IT information Encyclopedia. Please send me any topics that you feel are important or that is generally lacking in coverage.


1st session of this site will provide the users with:

  • Adequate and usable mathematical knowledge, required in the education and profession role.
  • Sound analytical and practical ability to solve problems.
  • Ability to define and solve computer technology related construction and design problems, independently and in-group, in the form of computer programming and computer networking.
  • Familiarization, with project work in general, and in some form of project process in particular.
  • Specialization and deepening in the area of computer networking or programming, depending on the choice of specialization.

Everyone Benefits by Sharing Information 


Much has been made of the emphasis on people and process in sharing knowledge. While it is certainly true that knowledge management is not a technology issue, effort must still be spent in providing a suitable environment to facilitate knowledge capture and sharing.


My Latest Library of eBooks

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NOTE: Due to excessive bandwidth usage issue, eBooks material have been temporarily disabled. Soon it will be available again !

CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide

Cisco recently refreshed their CCNA exam (#640-607) and added new questions, including simulation and drag-and-drop formats along with the standard multiple-choice variety. The objectives, however, remain the same. This Sybex ebook is a 3rd edition with the aim of giving CCNA candidates the knowledge and hands-on skills they need for the challenging new exam.With all the information and study tools included in this new edition at your disposal, you'll be well on your way to attaining your CCNA.

Download time: 30min with 56kbps

VoIP: Voice over IP

Based on real-world experience, this handy solutions manual addresses the most common VoIP migration challenges. Find out how to build your own VoIP system, install it, and begin making calls--so you can start saving today. Ideal for IT managers, network engineers, and system administrators. It covers the protocols, the hardware and software requirements, and how to configure the phone environments. The book is literally a how-to roll-out guide. You can either read up on the technology, or follow along with the provided examples.

Download time: 15min with 56kbps


A Guide to Windows Disaster Recovery and Backup


Disaster recovery: a misleading name for one of the most important issues in an IT operation. Disaster recovery is not about recovering from a disaster; it's just the opposite. Your company must continually plan and manage the disaster recovery process. This involves up-to-date technology and well-informed IT staff members (in-house or outsourced) to implement several phases of your disaster recovery plan.  This eBook offers tips for developing a disaster recovery plan, looks at available tools for disaster recovery and system backup, and answers questions specific to recovery and backup concerns.

Download time: 15min with 56kbps

Server Consolidation Essentials


This eBook is designed to educate the readers about the benefits of server consolidation using virtualization technologies. The first chapters discuss the business benefits of server consolidation. The last chapters show the reader how to plan and implement a basic server consolidation strategy using Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition, Windows Server 2003 R2 Datacenter Edition and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2.


Download time: 10min with 56kbps

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Tips

This eBook is designed to provide the reader with a wealth of information about how to protect and secure data in the event of a disaster. It's not possible to anticipate every possible disaster your organization may encounter, but you don't have to. The responses to many disasters will be the same; you can make plans based on the expected duration of recovery, the impact of the disaster on your facilities and the surrounding area, and other factors. This eBook will help you make a disaster plan that works for your organization.

Download time: 15min with 56kbps


Spam Fighting and Email Security for the 21st Century

There are many fronts to securing today's networks, with email security being one of the most important. Ranging from fighting spam and viruses to stopping Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, email security is a far-reaching effort and set of technologies meant to protect businesses and people from email-borne threats. In this eBook, we'll discuss how to best address email security in companies with 100+ employees. Topics will include a discussion on appliance-based vs. software and managed solutions; protecting networks from blended threats; ensuring that attacks never get past the network perimeter; understanding email sender reputation and its impact; and zero-day protection. By the end of the eBook readers will have the breadth of knowledge required to understand the real threat that email-borne attacks pose, and how to address those attacks in a way that reduces risk while ensuring users aren't impacted.

Download time: 15min with 56kbps


Building an Effective Reporting System


This eBook will help you understand the various kinds of performance monitoring and reporting and show you examples of how and when to implement them. Each odd chapter explains the theory; each even chapter illustrates theory with practical examples, using NetIQ tools as the basis of these examples.

Download time: 10min with 56kbps

Understanding and Leveraging SSL-TLS for Secure Communications

Understanding and Leveraging SSL for Secure Communications describes the nuts of bolts of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols – today's most popular security protocols for secure Web-based communications. The eBook includes an explanation of the cryptographic, certificate and PKI building blocks of SSL/TLS. It describes the applications and application-level protocols that can take advantage of SSL/TLS and also explains how to set these applications up for secure SSL/TLS-based communications. The applications covered in the eBook are HTTP, LDAP, NNTP and SMTP.

Download time: 15min with 56kbps

The Expert's Guide for Exchange 2003: Preparing for, Moving to, and Supporting Exchange Server 2003


This eBook will educate Exchange administrators and systems managers on how to best approach the migration and overall management of an Exchange 2003 environment. The book will focus on core issues such as configuration management, accounting, and monitoring performance with an eye toward migration, consolidation, security and management.


Download time: 10min with 56kbps



Migrating to Windows Server 2003, Active Directory, and Exchange 2003


Migrating to Windows Server 2003, Active Directory, and Exchange 2003 delivers invaluable guidance to enterprises large and small who are migrating from Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Exchange 5.5, and Exchange 2000. Readers will flatten their learning curve and reduce their pain quotient by implementing practices that have proven effective in the field.

Download time: 20min with 56kbps


 SQL Server Administration for Oracle DBAs


This comprehensive ebook, designed for the experienced Oracle DBA, explains key concepts that will give Oracle DBAs a firm foundation in mapping their Oracle database-management skills, knowledge, and experience to SQL Server database management. The ebook—comprised of nine in-depth chapters—not only covers the similarities and differences between Oracle and SQL Server but provides real-world tips and techniques for managing these technologies.

Download time: 15min with 56kbps

Essential Security Tips


Securing your systems against attack is a constant battle, even for the most seasoned IT administrator. Knowing where to find answers fast can often mean the difference between shutting the door to various threats (e.g., malware, viruses, Trojans) and declaring defeat. Essential Security Tips provides you with quick answers to help you make the most of your security.


Download time: 5min with 56kbps


The Gateway to Knowledge...


Sorry for not updating for almost a year time! Yes, I know I had been apologizing for the lack of updates but I just can't help it. Reason for the lack of updates is...... BUSY! Yeah, that's it, folks. Having the latest assignments and two new Renewal Energy projects packed together in the schedule is not fun! Even I hardly get time to nap.


I will put up a proper update after concluding my present projects though my schedule is already quite pack with many additional activities now. I am also working (editing) on a new layout which hopefully can be used here without many problems.


Although I am busy but don't hesitate to contact me if you have anything to ask or if I can help you in identifying solutions to an existing problem, prevent future crises, evaluate products, and expand your personal know-how.


Thanks to those who kept coming back here to check for updates. Thanks for the support! Updates will be soon!




Rakesh Raman | rakesh@topraman.com